Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at Ristone Holdings is one of the most important aspects of everyday business.

We focus on providing superior services and products to our customers in the most efficient and effective ways.

Our obligations stand before our customers, partners, staff, and the communities we operate in; therefore, we are committed to run the agricultural business in anecofriendly and socially responsible manner.

We comply with regulatory requirements and laws of the Ukrainian Constitution to insure the safety in industrial and environmental fields.

The following are the key aspects for the Corporate Social Responsibilities at Ristone Holdings:

Quality of the Product

The main aspect of our approach of cultivation of agricultural crops is to care for the lands we use to grow our crops on. We implemented arotation system of crops throughout all our fields to avoid infertility, accumulation of pests, and erosions.

Ristone Holdings hand chooses the best quality fertilizers and calculates the appropriate amount that is uses. We aim to keep these natural resources healthy and well maintained.

Toassess the quality of our products, we established multiple laboratories throughout our enterprises where we constantly are making sure that our products meet ours and our clients’ high standards.

Industrial Safety

Safety and well-being of our employees stands in highest importance for Ristone Holdings. We aim to ensure that our employees feel comfortable, safe, and motivated in their work environment. Our employees go through our labor protection training programs regarding safety and regulations of the Holdings. To keep our team safe and sound Ristone Holdings adheres to the following regulations:

  • Conducts quarterly safety checks of its facilities and equipment
  • Provides individual protective equipment
  • Conducts variety of training programs

Protection of the Environment

As an agricultural business, Ristone Holdings takes environmental protection as a very serious matter.

Our objectivesare to conserve natural resources, reduce waste, and save resources.

Support of Local Communities

Throughout our activities in the regions of presence we are responsible to give back to the people within these communities. Our incentive is to increase the quality of life by providing jobs and sponsoring a variety of social projects.

  • Support of education institutions such as kindergartens and schools
  • Support of health care facilities
  • Support of cultural institutions and sporting facilities