Mission, goal

The mission of the Ristone Holdings group is a systematic development; moving from small to large, while concentrating on one territorial unit.

  • We reveal the unique opportunities of agrobusiness,developing the potential for our people.
  • We take responsibility for our leadership in the market and the impact that we have on the country, people, and companies.
  • We promote the development of the agricultural sector, form the business culture of domestic business.
  • We are responsible for the obligations undertaken, we comply with the terms of the contracts.
  • We protect the reputation of the company, prevent actions that may adversely affect the image of the company.
  • We adhere to applicable laws and international norms.
  • We honor corporate values and guidelines in accordance with our internal policies and procedures.

The Group’s goal is the development of the agriculture region supposing cost optimization and an increase in the sales market, taking into account the strengthening of food security in Ukraine, as a world agricultural leader.

  • To be a leader in the market of integrated support for agricultural producers of Ukraine.
  • Move forward on the path of continuous improvement and innovation, participating in ensuring the country’s food security through quantitative and qualitative preservation of the food market reserve stock and export development;
  • Apply the highest standards of management in accordance with best corporate governance practices.
  • Ensure high quality of agricultural raw materials and processed products.
  • Increase productivity and ensure stable yield growth in the group’s agricultural enterprises.
  • Increase the production and range of finished products, ensure its high competitiveness.

We are flexible in the decision-making process. We are not afraid of changes, in fact we perceive them as new opportunities for growth and development. We improve the quality of our assets, build modern technology companies, improve processes, and train staff. We focus on world practices and adapt to the best of them, given the political and market specifics, environmental changes and unique features of our company.

The main sources of capital formation at Ristone Holdings – borrowed funds and net assets.

The objective of capital management is to enable the Group to continue to operate as a permanent enterprise in order to ensure profit for shareholders and benefits for other interested parties of the Group, as well as, to ensure financing of its operational needs, investments, and development strategies of the Group.
Ristone Holdings capital management policy is aimed at ensuring and maintaining an optimal capital structure in order to reduce the total cost of raising capital and to provide the Group with flexible access to capital markets.